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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Agelou

Stakeholders give an account of their experience with CGC.

Bendah Nabunya

CGC Beneficiary

Back in my primary school, days at UPE school (Luwero Boys’ Primary School), I was doing well academically. Yet, the struggle to gather even the small UPE fees was real. It was a constant battle. But then, something amazing happened. The headmistress, seeing my potential, offered me a bursary.

As we geared up for our P7 MOCK exams, she sat me down. Concern etched on her face, she spoke to me about CGC. She worried about what would become of me after primary school. When the MOCK results came out, I took a chance and applied. CGC stepped in and sponsored my education from S. 1 all the way to my degree. I feel incredibly fortunate because I never once missed school due to fees. I attended Luweero Secondary School, just opposite my beloved primary school. From there, I journeyed to Makerere University where I attained a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing. It has been a journey filled with privilege and joy. Among all the worries life threw at me, tuition fees were never one of them. I owe it all to CGC. Without their support, I would not be where I am today.

May CGC continue to thrive, supporting more girls like me, girls facing even tougher circumstances. To those girls out there, struggling economically yet determined to learn, hold on. Pray for help, just as I did. In addition, remember, marriage is not the solution. It is a path fraught with challenges. Reflecting on my family, it was just my mother, a single parent raising six children, including me. I have five half-siblings. Our mother worked tirelessly to provide for us all. Yet, despite the odds, she never gave up. Her resilience and love guided us through the toughest times.

Dunia Jane

CGC Big Sister

Before joining Concern for The Girl Child I was staying with my mother in Arua. She became the sole provider when our father passed away. She provided for us school fees, food, shelter and medical care. 

However, when i finished Primary 7, my mother could not afford to pay my secondary school fees. She told me to stay at home because she could not afford to take care of us and also pay my secondary school fees. I had lost all hope of ever going back to school, but my uncle who was working as a security guard at Mazzi Secondary school in Luweero encouraged me to apply to CGC for sponsorship. I applied  in 2014 and I went through. 

CGC has been paying for my school fees from S.1 upto university. Iam now in my thrid year pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Education (Mathematics and Physics). Concern for the Girl Child does  not only pay my school fees but they also provid me with pads, clothes, career guidance and counseling when I need it. 

I want to appreciate CGC for for blessing me with the gift of education. Iam now able to achieve my dreams of becoming a teacher. 

Rose Namubiru

CGC Staff and Big Sister

I was born like any other child, but it was on this one day when I was coming from school, I felt a lot of pain from my ball and socket joint. My mum and I rushed to Mulago hospital, went through different x-rays but they could not discover anything. They thought of removing water from my backbone. My mother refused and disappeared from the hospital for a moment because of fear. I underwent the first surgery at Mulago Hospital, but it was not successful since it was wrongly done. I had to get four injections each day for a whole month until I was discharged with a very fresh wound. Since the doctors from Mulago had operated in the wrong area. My Mother was then directed to Katalemwe Cheshire Home, where I was admitted going through the second surgery (POP) for some months then physiotherapy. After a few months, I had to undergo a third surgery because doctors discovered that one leg was shorter. A metal was placed in my ball and socket joint for 8 months, it was a very painful surgery. I could not join school then. I later went back to school and completed my P.7 in 2004 while doing physiotherapy. I thought this would affect my development as a growing girl. I was privileged to be the only family member selected to be a beneficiary of Concern for the Girl Child. CGC sponsored my education from 2005 till 2014 when I graduated from Kyambogo University with a bachelor’s degree of Adult and Community Education.

Under this programme, we were encouraged to study hard, care for our bodies as growing girls, have self-confidence and dream big. I count myself privileged because I never once pitied myself because of my condition or thought it would affect my journey to success. I have volunteered to serve with this organization, and I have fearlessly worked in remote areas traversing the islands of Bussi in Kojja and deep in Luwero, Nakaseke and Nakasongola; meeting the needs of vulnerable children like me. I am currently working at Concern for the Girl Child as a Team Leader and I serve with passion encouraging girls to dream big and not give up. In December 2016, I lost my mother and it was a very trying moment. This meant that I had to look after my siblings. I have a role to play, to model my little friends who may face challenges through disability or any form of vulnerability, and health issues that as a girl and now woman we can win with great health through our life span if we hold our heads up high and carry each other’s burdens.

Thank you

Lillian Najjuko

CGC Beneficiary

My Name is Najjuko Lillian, a 25-year-old, a Muganda living with my two siblings in Kiwoko Nakaseke District. I completed senior four in 2015 under the support of Concern for the Girl Child. I am a total orphan (both parents died) when I was 4 years old. I remained with my grandfather who became my “everything in life”. He used to struggle to provide for me everything since I was an orphan for example fees, clothes, treatment etc. for all my primary level. Thankfully, my grandfather came to know about Concern for the Girl Child, and we applied in 2012 for the education sponsorship but I did not go through in senior one, I did not give up after missing the first time. My grandfather being a believer, he told me that God's timing is the best and God is a God of second chance so we re-applied and I was successful the second time when I was in senior two at Kiwoko SSS in 2013. The sponsorship opportunity at CGC changed my life because previously I was always sent back home for not having books, uniforms, school fees but when I joined CGC all was taken care of. After my senior four I joined Gombe Polytechnic institution in Wakiso district for tailoring and cutting garment courses and my tuition was covered until I completed the course in 2017.

I do not regret the choice I made by doing a tailoring course because it has helped me to earn a living whereby I am able to cater for myself and siblings as well. I want to start up my own school and recently I bought a sewing machine and have saved 1,000,000/= (One million shillings) to expand the business. I take this opportunity to thank Concern for the Girl Child (CGC) for the foundation and the great work done in me for example (Education, counseling, Love and Care), I am now someone and a blessing as well. May the Lord bless you for the work you do. I pray that the Good Lord continues to enlarge your funding so that you can help so many other girls in need.

Janet Katusabe Humura

Asst. Programs Officer/Counsellor at CGC

I joined Concern for the Girl Child in 2019 as a volunteer Sponsorship, Relations and Communications Officer/Receptionist. Later I was fully employed under the same position. Currently. I am working as a Program’s assistant /counsellor. Working with concern for the girl child has given me a platform to exploit my abilities and fostered further growth. As it has been a dream to work and interact with society, given the background of my training as a therapist/counsellor, my interest was to always to help out people going through all sorts of emotional challenges. Concern for the Girl child has given me that platform to help people regain hope, goals and find meaning of life beyond what they see. I have interacted with both the old and the young and my joy is always complete whenever there is restoration of hope and full understanding of my client. 

Working with girls is always life fulfilling as they openly give you their trust. It is upon that trust that friendship with the girls has been achieved. This is because they have to first trust you before they open up to you. They have become part of me and I have become part of them. As this is witnessed at every meeting place whether at school or at office, we both look forward to meeting again to catch up. Through our meetings, their (girls) self-esteem has been built, and they are now confident in who they are.  They are positive about life and they fully understand that it is never a straight line but with curves, bents and meanders but leading to the safe landing of one’s dreams. The girls are now ready to embrace every obstacle that comes their way with the skills being passed on through our sessions, as we all believe that it is possible no matter what. This has been possible because of the favorable surrounding at CGC which encourages all employees to be self-driven in their work for better results.  At CGC, we have embraced teamwork and commitment in our mandate to see that the girl child is empowered in all aspect of life.

Caroline Nabatanzi

CGC Big Sister

I lost my parents to HIV/AIDS when I was 9 years old. My grandmother, who already had many dependents, took on an additional responsibility of raising 7 more children. I completed primary education under the universal primary education and joined Kalinabiri Secondary School. Our grandmother was not able to raise school fees so as a result we often missed school and performed poorly in class. I recall my position being among the last students. In 2001 when I was in S.2, CGC was established and I was one of the pioneer beneficiaries. That was a great turning point in my education. CGC paid my fees on a timely basis and that enabled my performance to improve greatly. I moved from being the last in class to the top of the class. I was the best student at both O and A levels. I managed to secure a government sponsorship at university where I pursued a bachelors degree of Economics. I was the best student in my class and the only one that got a first class degree. CGC continued to support me in different ways. 

My career in accounting and auditing began after university. I obtained a Certified Public Accountancy qualification, a master's degree from Heriot Watt University UK and currently preparing to commence my doctorate studies.

I am a professional accountant, specializing in auditing at Uganda Management Institute; I am an entrepreneur, a teen councillor, a mother of 4 and a wife. I am grateful to CGC for making me the woman I am today, and bringing me from the bottom of the class to the top.

Shiphrah Nkwewembye

CGC Beneficiary

My name is Nkwewembye Shiphrah and I am 22 years old. I am a very happy educated young woman all because of Concern for the Girl Child. I recently graduated from Mbarara University of Science and Technology in my Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology. I am now working as a Laboratory Technician in an institution where I love so much because am even learning more and more. My mother is also very happy because I am doing okay and hopefully I continue to grow steadily in knowledge as regards to my profession. About nine years ago, all this wouldn’t have been possible at all. When I finished my primary seven, there was no hope for me to ever achieve my goal of completing school. My mother didn’t know how to say it but I could clearly see that there was no way I was going to continue to secondary school because of the situation that was very alarming then. If I could describe my situation then, I can only say that all I could see was darkness and hopelessness. I was not seeing my dreams ever coming true. I started seeing myself become a failure at only 12 years. I started wondering what was going to happen to me for rest on my life and surely it was not looking good. This was not until a good Samaritan told me about CGC. She told me I could try my luck and apply. I walked with my mother to the head office because we lived only a few meters away. We went to find out clear information on the requirements of applying so as to become a beneficiary. I applied and waited hopefully on the good news from CGC.Indeed my prayers were answered and I was finally going back to school. I was told that from that day payment of my tuition was now assured till I finished my studies. I did not only receive education from CGC but also a family to lean on, the staff members who treat us like young sisters and daughters, the free career guidance and counselling to mention but a few. How can I forget to mention the woman I have been groomed into a woman who is not only educated but also civilised and can express herself without any fear. My mother is so proud of me and it is all because of CGC.

My prayer is that God gives CGC the ability and all the support it needs to continue empowering the girl child because this is a very good impact on Uganda as a country.

Long Live CGC!!!!

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