My Life Story.

Alice Nalubega

My name is Alice Nalubega, like most teenagers in Africa, I had to overcome many challenges including overcoming early marriage to achieve my dream.


I lost my dad in 1997, just 3 years after I was born. My mother too run mad in the following year for a cause I cannot explain. In this state, my mother was not helpful to take care of my 6 siblings and I. Consequently, my siblings and I left Kibanda Village, Ssingo subcounty Mityana district to Lumpewe Village in Nakaseke district to stay with our elderly paternal grandmother.

Overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of the grandchildren, My siblings' and my education hang in balance. The situation could not be helped either as two of my brothers also permanently run mad. Despite the desperate conditions under our elderly care giver, my grandmother struggled to sell fish to push me to school with support from the government (USE). While at Kiwoko SS, I was constantly being chased from school due to other school requirements such as uniform. In 2010, while in senior three (Third year in secondary school), A CGC contact teacher at Kiwoko SS, Ms. Phoebe Nantongo identified me as a needy student and recommended me for CGC scholarship. The following year, when I was in senior four, under CGC sponsorship I found myself pregnant. I was 16 at the time. CGC received this news with shock. However, after the engagement with the school management, I was allowed to sit for National exams which I passed. At this point, the man accepted the responsibility and took care of both my child and I. In 2012 CGC visited me at home and tried to convince me to go back to school, but I was now married with the 26 year old father of my child and was not willing to return for studies. I would later produce my second child who unfortunately died of malaria at the age of 1 year and 2 months. This devastated me and the situation was made worse due to biting poverty at my marital home. This period was bad and challenging, my husband and I could hardly afford basic needs since my husband was a peasant. I then started thinking of going back to school. I was challenged with the situation and I thought hard and decided that I should go and apologize to CGC to give me a second chance to study. In May 2015, I approached the Kiwoko field office with a request to be taken back to school to realise my dream of being a teacher. During this time, my husband did not want to hear of me getting back to school. This forced me to run away to Kampala where I stayed with her cousin. In December 2015, CGC contacted me and accepted to take me back for a vocational training in Early Childhood Development. I graduated in 2017 with a certificate in Nursery Teaching (Early Child hood development).

I immediately secured a teaching job at Luwero Trust Junior School where I taught for two terms before leaving for my current job at Mother Twins Infant School in Lumpewe, Nakasekeke district. At Mother Twins Infant School, I am able to save at least 100,000/-(about 26$) monthly. I am also able to fend for my family and meet all my needs independently. Since I went back to school, my life is now much better compared to the time when I was married. I regret getting pregnant because it led to my poor performance in school and it stagnated my progress in life.
I now plan to build my own house to rent out, to go for further studies and build my own school.

I advise all girls out there to first finish their education before they try men. They should love their studies, cooperate with and be grateful to those who are supporting them. I also advise them to avoid getting lured into early marriage because of little money boys give them. To the boys; study and leave girls alone. I am grateful to CGC for giving me another chance in life and for not giving up on me.