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Building Resilience for Girls

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has left devastating effects on human life globally. As a response to stop its spread, countries introduced lockdowns, economies were shut down which led to increased uncertainty, anxiety and depression. Children in particular have seen the worst of its impacts, closure of schools not only affected learning but also subjected children to increased violence and abuse since it’s been documented that education is a protective factor against violence for children.

We carried out COVID 19 impact survey and realized that our girls lost hope, and had a lot of uncertainty about the future. Parents needed extra support on how to engage their adolescent girls to keep safe from early pregnancy and other related vices.

It was from this background that Programs department came up with strategic approaches to mitigate these risks hence Building resilience for Girls. We held four sessions to cover all our four centers that is Kiwoko, Mazzi, Luwero and Kampala.

  • 99 girls were reached, refreshed and sense of hope was created
  • Girls freely shared about who they think a girl is
  • They defined who a good friend is
  • They freely shared their challenges
  • They exchanged ideas on how to avoid bad company and stay focused no matter what
  • We also distributed pads and masks to the girls

Camp 2019

The Fred Kasozi Annual memorial student’s camp is the biggest event in a calendar year for us at CGC family. It’s the day that brings CGC and beneficiaries together in a free and relaxing atmosphere just bonding together. It’s an event where various skills are delivered to the beneficiaries including; craft making skills, Batik Art, cookery and soap making. Motivational and inspirational speeches were also delivered to the participants.

Each year’s theme is carefully and consultatively chosen, taking account of its impact to the lives of the beneficiaries.

The 2019 Fred Kasozi Memorial Annual Camp took place in Seroma Christian High School, Mukono with the theme “Discovering my inner power for better life choices”. The camp took place from 3rd to 6th May 2019. 196 participants took part in this year’s camp. This included CGC old and current beneficiaries who constituted 90% of the participants and Staff.

Mazzi Health Camp

Partnering with Rotary Club of Mengo and Inner Wheel of Mengo, CGC organized a health camp that took place on 18th/05/2019. It aimed at extending treatment to individuals, health education and hygiene tips to the adolescent girls in Kamira Sub County. A total of 562 patients received free medical care. It also involved a tree planting activity where by the teams from Rotary Club of Mengo, Inner Wheel of Mengo and CGC Board and Management planted 100 fruit trees at Mazzi Resource Center. The camp aimed at;

  • Providing free health services to the community
  • Extending a health education on different diseases and give hygiene tips to the adolescent girls
  • Addressing the challenge of global warming through tree planting
  • Strengthening partnership between CGC, Rotary Club of Mengo, Inner Wheel of Mengo and the Mazzi community